Value Added Reseller FAQs

What benefits do you get by becoming a VAR?

First of all it is discount from each sale.

Delivering of our products might open your company door to your potential customers for your further business.

In case you deliver HW/SW then offering relatively cheep performance monitoring solution can give you competitive advance.

We will announce you as our VAR to all our users on our announcement list in your country
(4000+ contacts total as per Dec 2016).

What is typical deal volume in USD?

Typical deal is 5k$ (premium support annual fee, 1 product) however when a customer has either more product instances or requires support for more our products then it can grow to 20k+ USD per a deal.

Our products:

What is a VAR role?

VAR acts as first support level for the customer.

We expect that VAR is able to solve basic issues related to infrastructure like configuration, connection issues etc.

We do the second level support. General responsibility for support is up to us.
VAR might acts as communication level between us and the customer in customer’s native language with detailed knowledge of customers needs.

Who is responsible for SLA's?

Customers shall directly route priority calls to our support which is responsible for SLA’s.

How does look the business process?

The end user will be your customer. You will quote and invoice him per end user price.

We will invoice you (VAR) by end user price decreased about your discount.

What about taxes?

You will use your local tax for invoicing the customer.

We invoice you without any tax (except Czech Republic based VARs).

Example (premium support level, 1 year, 2 instances):

  • You will invoice the customer with 10 000 USD plus your local tax
  • We will invoice you with 10 000 USD minus your discount.

What are VAR discount levels?

There are 2 discount levels based on your annual revenue.

Contact for actual conditions.

Do support levels cover also on site support activities?

No, support we offer and provide is only off site (email, phone etc).

You might set up your own contract with the customer which would include on site support for your hourly rate.

Global vrs local VAR

We are looking for a local partners which are close to end customers.

Our VAR contract is regionally restricted (usually per country).